Dawning Spirit
Counseling, Community, Transformation

This page documents the changing of a simple house in Atlanta, Georgia into a special space for healing, recovery, and personal growth, to be facilitated by myself and other esteemed clinicians. As I renovate this structure, metaphors of personal transformation come to life. Join me in bringing renewed purpose to an old vessel. Completion is slated for Spring, 2020.
Here is the exterior as it currently stands (as of July 28th) at its location on Boulevard Dr. in the neighborhood of Reynoldstown. The two windows on the left will feed light into the group room (for group therapy, classes, and workshops). The window on the right is for one of three counseling offices. The front door will enter into the waiting room. Work begins (see below) on the interior, mirroring the counseling process which prioritizes inner work over outer appearance. 
​Interior spaces can serve us well as-is for many years, but to accomodate growth they must sometimes shift and change. The front space of Dawning Spirit, which will include both a group room and a waiting room, is here shown prior to demolition.
Now the walls are coming down. Space is being made for new opportunities and uses.
Here is a panoramic shot of the entire front space. The original ceiling is gone, exposing the interior of the roof. Outdated roof supports are removed and new ones are added in preparation of vaulted ceilings for both the group room and waiting room, which will in turn be boundaried by a new wall.