My journey has been one of nurturing personal relationships, exploring boundaries through the performing arts, pursuing inner work, and studying psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

Please allow me to unpack that sentence!

The first part, as I have come to appreciate, is perhaps the most important. Feeling connected in the world meant being able to connect with people (as well as animals and the living world in general, but let's stick with people for the moment). As a lifelong introvert with a tendency toward social anxiety, becoming comfortable enough with myself to be present with others has been a long, worthwhile pursuit. My overall sense of stability and security has increased with the strength of my relationships. That strength has grown concurrently with an ability to not only share connections but also to hold boundaries and have my voice heard.

Which brings us to the performing arts. My adult life can be largely tracked via my creative expression. As a young adult crippled by insecurity, the discovery of performance in the form of live music was nothing short of revelatory. The performance arena, I found, is a special place where fantasy can be explored, fears challenged, and boundaries pushed. After years of creating outsider music, exploring spontaneous expression, and indulging in other art forms, I've come to deeply appreciate the power of imagination.

Concurrently, I have spent much of my adult life engaged in the discipline of meditation. There are many methods of meditation available for everyone to learn, most of which are beneficial when practiced regularly. My meditation utilizes the use of a mantra (a simple word or phrase) in order to delve inward and explore my innermost thoughts and feelings. This has greatly aided an ability to relax, tap into imagination, and trust intuition. In short, it has helped me more fully know and appreciate myself.

My formal education in counseling psychology is from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I chose this school due to its appreciation for theoretical disciplines supporting both my love of the arts and my interest in the inner self (or "personal psyche" as it's sometimes called). The type of psychology emphasized at Pacifica is called Depth Psychology, due to its appreciation for and investigation into the normally hidden parts of oursleves that appear in our quirks, fantasies, and symptoms. As I've always said, one need not be an artist to creatively explore and appreciate our own uniqueness, merely curious about what makes you YOU.

Lastly, what I find so satisfying about counseling with others is working together to discover just what direction our challenges are pointing us in, and how we can follow our curiosity toward broader horizons. There is usually no quick-fix when it comes to this work, it is indeed, as the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung stated, an opus – a grand journey. Symptom relief comes largely from our ability to get out of our own way so we can fully partake in this opus. I relish the opportunity to assist you in this process, and in fact make it part of my own process as well.